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PostSubject: ACFA 1.3 LADDER RULES   Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:11 pm

There are 10 ranks, with one person filling each spot. 1 is best, 10 is lowest. In order to rise in rank, you must compete with the person ahead of you and beat them to take their spot.

-In order to rank up, you must win a match against the person you challenge. To win a match you must be the first to win five games.

-You may challenge a person who is one or two spaces ahead of you.
--> PLEASE, be sure to issue all challenges through the Challenges subforum only. It is every ranker's responsibility to check this forum regularly, if you plan to hold your spot for long.
-->You may challenge only 1 person at any time.

-If a challenger wins a match, the losing defender and winning challenger switch spots. This applies with a challenge 1 or 2 ranks ahead.

-In the rare event of a draw, we will simply negate that round and have a redo.

-Challenger gets to pick the map.

-After a challenge has been issued, the defender has exactly 72 hours (3 days) from the second the post was made to respond.
--> If no response is made, the defender forfeits the match and the challenger wins by default.
--> A challenge can NOT be refused by a defender, or else the challenger wins by default.
--> If multiple challenges are made to an individual in a short period of time, the person who first challenged gets priority- The defender may not choose one challenge to accept over another.
----> If multiple challenges are made AND the first challenger takes the defender's spot, all former challenges will be negated and need to be re-made.
--> A person who has been challenged can not try to challenge someone else after the original challenge is made in order to get away from that challenger (used the word challenge too many times but lolwutever). In other words, you must defend your position before issuing new challenges.

-If a defender wins his match against a challenger, the challenger has to wait a minimum of three days before re-issuing their challenge. Challenges made within three days of the first match will be ignored.
-->In the above case, if the challenger lost to the individual one rank ahead, he may challenge the person 2 ranks ahead immediately. If the challenger lost to the individual two ranks ahead, he may challenge the person 1 rank ahead.

-The winner of a match posts the results of the match in the appropriate subforum.

-Timer will be set to 10 minutes, Regs 1.3.
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