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 my ac Abysmal Dawn

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PostSubject: my ac Abysmal Dawn   Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:02 pm

head: aaliyah
core: aaliyah
arms: aaliyah
legs: alicia reverse joint
fcs: hogire
genorator: argyros
mb: judith
bb: lahire
sb: lahire
ob: judith
rau: becrux hi lazer rifle
lau: motorcobra machine gun
rbu: dearborn03 VTF missile
lbu: tresor plasma cannon
su: mussleshell relation missle
rhu: lare handgun
lhu: gaen01 handgun

plz gimme ways to imporve i need my ac to be fast and manuverable also i have 349 tuneing memory so tell me how to use it
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PostSubject: Re: my ac Abysmal Dawn   Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:29 pm

thers fuckton of shit wrong with tis ac..
for starters, the body

DONT USE FULL COMPANY BODY! usually if you do, your AC will lack in one category MAJORLY since a company has one general weakness, some have more than one.
some tips for choosing body parts
HEAD: look for good camera stat, stability, drain, and defense
CORE: weight, both EN and shell defense, AP
ARMS: arm manuverability, defense, aim prescision
LEGS: drain, weight cap, defense, AP, turning ability (on RJ's, HW's, tanks),
ALSO, it is almost mandatory to keep your AC within weight capacity... meaning when you make an ac, the weight bar shouldnt be orange, it should be white. otherwise, your movement gets cut in half

according to your request, for a body i would reccommend
L: SAUBEES/EKHAZAR(if you want an RJ)
off the top of my head, i dont know the exact stats to that, but it should be at least better than the full aliyah build you made

in hte end, youre going to want to try and balance all of these factors out to have an even defense in both shell and EN, while keeping a good AP amount and/or AC mobility. depends what kind of AC you want to use.

generators... for one, the only decent HW generator is the GANO SS-G for the MASSIVE en capacity, but otherwise dont think of touching them. aliyah/g is basically the most well rounded gen in the game, and has second highest output. if you cant fit the weight of it though, RIGEL/g is a nice alternative. if you still wnat the ENcap and cant fit rigel, go for lahire/g or if you dont care about ENcap, go for sobrero. ARGYROS is pretty useless compared to other gens in 1.3...

your boosters are fine... but since your using an RJ, which naturally has low drain and gains altitude very fast, judith isnt very much needed. try out aliyah main and if you cant handle the EN of that, use latona

now for the weapons, plasma cannons arent exactly reliable in terms of hitting an opponent or not. the main purpose of them is to break PA too, and oyu already have an MG AND VTF's to do that... for a replacement, try to fit a sniper cannon, namely teh 49ansc to give you a more effective fighting range and trade the weight for the becrux. instead of becrux, try a rifle, laser rifle, or somehing else. as an alternative, you can swap tresor for an acrux and swap the becrux for a sniper rifle
hangars arent exactly needed... if a battle goes on for that long, you need to die or OOB bcuz if you get down to hangars, one htey wont do much and 2 either youre lagging, your opponent is lagging, or you suck and cant aim with whatever weapons you have. tehyre dead weight.

for tuning, i feel taht its ALWAYS NECCESARY to put 50 points into EN capacity
a strong reccommendation to put points into foward ans side QB
if you have slow-turning designs, add points into turning ability
arm manuverability can always use points if youre going to be up close the majority of the time
if your FCS cant lock on with missles very well, points can go into there
if you like to look at your radar often, put points into radar refresh
when your AC is overweight, try tu tune the weight capacity barely enough to makee your ac not overweight
and always use 30-50 points when you tune.. anything below 30ish wont do much really.

fix the body (using my reccommendation if you really want to) and fiddle a little more with the weapon set
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Jak Hamr

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PostSubject: Re: my ac Abysmal Dawn   Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:52 am

phact would work better than an SC since this is a LW/MW RJ
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PostSubject: Re: my ac Abysmal Dawn   Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:07 am

If you want to lighten this thing, drop the hangared weapons unless you absolutely need them. With all the ammo you have they'll just take up space and add weight.
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PostSubject: Re: my ac Abysmal Dawn   

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my ac Abysmal Dawn
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